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“The most chic and elegant part of the city”

¿Why choose a Polanco Chapultepec Tour?

If you are looking to know a bit more of Mexico City, this tour will take you to the past and present of the city in a very unique way. Polanco is know as one of the richest and more traditional parts of the city. The area is home to prominent artists, celebrities and politicians.

You will have the possibility to go through part of the Chapultepec Fores, ride around the Lake and be surrounded by nature. A must!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to the Castle of Chapultepec and its surrundings is restricted while riding a Segway® PT. We can only access the second section of the Chapultepec Forest.

What’s the price?

Day tour $ 55 USD per person.

The minimum capacity of the Tour is 1 person and the maximum capacity is 6 people. We seek that our tours are personalized and not massive. We want to serve each of our clients as they deserve.

This Tour Includes

  • 1 Segway PT ™
  • Helmet (elbow and knee pads are optional)
  • Photos throughout the tour
  • Bilingual Guide (Includes Explanation)
  • First aid kit
Duration of the Tour?

2 Hours approximately Once you arrive at our Greenway Tours – Tours on Segway® PT facilities (MAP HERE). Your guide will provide training before riding the Segway® PT. Once you feel safe, you will go on the established route together with the guide. The ending point will be the same as the meeting point.

Can I do the private Tour?

Yes, if you want to go with your partner or friendship only on the selected route, you will be charged $ 10 American Dollars per person in addition to the price of the tour. These must be paid directly in cash at our Greenway Tours – Tours on Segway® PT facilities.

Can I do the Tour without a guide?

No, all tours are assisted by your guide.

What are the hours or dates available?

On Reservaciones You will see the details of the Tours. Once you select the one you wish to take, click on "Reserve", it will show you the time and date availability. Choose your schedule and the number of people you want to be on your route.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, but weight. The customer must not weigh less than 66 pounds (30 kilos) and no more than 260 pounds (117 kilos)

Available languages?

There is availability in English and Spanish.

What should I use?

We recommend comfortable clothes, sneakers, sunglasses and maybe a hat. Please do not bring high-heeled shoes or clothing. Remember, you will be operating a Segway® PT.

Can I bring my pet?

We do not allow pets during the tour.

What Are The Payment Options?

There are different forms of payment.

You can pay online with a credit card by booking on our website. It is very simple and safe.

You can request an invoice to by paid through Paypal at

You can pay cash 24hrs in advance in our Showroom located at Homero 530 Ground Floor in the area of ​​Polanco, Mexico City.

Is The Tip For The Guide Included In The Price?

No, if you liked the Tour, feel free to offer your guide a tip. 10% tip is suggested.

I Have More Questions Before Booking, Whom Do I Contact?

You can contact us directly at or by phone in Mexico City (+52) 55 5292 2414 or in the USA
(+1) 707 849-5315

Driving a Segway® PT is very simple and with our on-site training, you will learn to use it immediately.

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