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Greenway Tours - Tours en Segway® PT is a branch of Greenway México, a 100% Mexican company dedicated to sell, rent, give tours, provide service and maintenance to Segway® PT units throughout all Mexico.

We are proud to have been selling Segway® PT units for the past 15 years, as well as we are proud of our exclusive Tours on Segway®PT. We have our own Service Center, where we provide service and maintenance to Segway®PT units from all parts of Mexico.

Our showroom located in Homero 530, Polanco Area, in Mexico City MAP HERE, is just a frew blocks awary from our Service Center.

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About Our Tours Tours

We create different routes in Mexico City according to customer requirements. 

We saw the need to create Simple Tours for locals, mostly Mexicans, who already are familiar with Mexican food and culture, but who have an interest in riding Segway with friends and family. We have different routes such as Polanco, Reforma and Downtown among others. 

Similarly we created a little more elaborate Tours for those foreigners who do have interest to know the Mexican culture and even taste the typical food. We call these the " Segway Cultural & Gastronomic Tour ." We have different routes such as Polanco, Reforma, and Downtown among others. 

With our unique tours you will find everything you need to make your visit to Mexico an unforgettable experience: fun, adventure, excitement, culture, food ... and the glamor of a rock star when everyone turns to look at you while riding a Segway® PT! 

Learn more about all the options you have using a Segway®PT in our Official Greenway Website

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